About MooPi

This site is an install of the Moodle virtual learning environment onto a Raspberry Pi 2 model B with no external resources. The inspiration to set it up came from Moodle Fairy's blog.

MooPi hopefully shows it's quite possible to run Moodle well on a machine with very little resources. If you are setting up a new Moodle our goal is get you to think about the software stack and it's configuration and to prove that Moodle is not inherently slow.

Whether you are using a Raspberry Pi or not the practices employed here to make this site work can be easily applied to any Moodle hosted on a Linux platform.

We make the most of what is available by using,
  • Nginx as a lightweight HTTPD.
  • PHP 7 a modern faster implementation of php
  • php-fmp as an efficient php process manager.
  • PHP's built-in Opcache.
  • PostgreSQL as a database
  • RAM for session and application caching.
This site could perhaps be made faster by,
  • Using a separate Pi for the database.
  • Using storage not on the SDCard for the data directory (e.g. a NAS).
  • Clustering Pis using HAProxy, Keepalived etc.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 4 October 2016, 10:46 AM