Available courses

Details of this sites configuration, including:

  • NGINX for PHP and Moodle, including 'slash arguments'.
  • Caching theme content in NGINX.
  • Using NGINX 'X-Accel-Redirect' for Moodle data.
  • Ensuring Moodle cron does not slow your site down.
  • Using tmpfs for Sessions and MUC.

At MooPi we compile PHP7 for armhf from the sources available at dotdeb.org.

To save you the hassle of compiling these yourself (it takes ~6 hours) we host a public apt repository here for the armhf compiled .debs we use.

This is a how-to guide to using them.

This interactive, self-paced, self-study Moodle demonstration course introduces you to the basic Unix/Linux jargon and the ideology behind the Free and Open Source Software.

This is a Mystery course which makes heavy use of Conditional activities to gradually reveal the answer to the mystery (What are we learning today?) and move forward the learning. If you access this as a student you will only see one item and the others will reveal themselves as you go along. If you access it as a teacher, check out the teacher's instructions in topic 5 (hidden from students) Download this course from Moodle.net here